Meet the SSG: Trevor Moore

Meet the SSG: Trevor Moore

May 25 2022
  • Trevor Moore is Executive Group Manager (Environment, Sustainability and Innovation) at The Casino Food Group.
  • He says improvements in innovation lead to measurable gains in sustainability.
  • Trevor is also a primary producer himself with a mixed farming operation in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales.

What is your background? 

I am a local to the Northern Rivers of NSW having been born in Kyogle. For a few weeks in the early 90s, I worked as a labourer at The Casino Food Co-op whilst awaiting a call up to the Australian Defence Force. I found the processing industry ingenious and innovative, so I decided to postpone my ADF uptake for six to 12 months to learn a bit more – and I never looked back. I’ve now been with the company for 32 years. 

I also own and operate a lovely 40.5 ha mixed farm with my scientist partner Jess, in Upper Eden Creek.  

How did you become involved in sustainability? 

Originally, I studied food science and was heavily involved in this side of the industry. However, early in my career I was lucky enough to secure the Keith Gooley Scholarship (in memory of the former general manager of The Casino Food Co-op) which funded further study in the agriculture sector.  

This eventually led to an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science which I studied externally while still working for the company. The mix of real-time work and theoretical studies complemented my understanding of how the entire beef supply chain interacts.  

The company is very motivated in the space of sustainability and the portfolio of innovation and sustainability strategy became my responsibility. 

What sustainability measures are implemented at The Casino Food Co-op? 

We have a wonderful approach called the River Crystal Initiative. Early settler accounts describe the local Richmond River as having deep, crystal clear water brimming with life. We took this narrative and used it to facilitate our support and investment in local worthy causes. We are involved in a diverse range of activities including re-establishing koala habitat, expanding remnant big scrub, drought proofing local farmland, and building a regional bio-hub facility that will capture biogas for energy and heat production. 

Why is sustainability so important to industry? Why is it important to The Casino Food Co-op? 

On a global stage Australian beef is the best. Our Australian farmers lead the world in beef cattle production and our processing industry is world-class. Through all parts of the beef supply chain we are presented with meaningful data that can be used to help protect our markets and ensure Australian beef is held high on the international stage.  

At The Casino Food Co-op we acknowledge that although we may not be one of the biggest processors in the country, our farmer-owned co-operative values fit uniquely with the ideals of the ABSF.  

Where are the greatest opportunities for sustainability improvement? 

We know that sustainability in the processing plant goes hand-in-hand with innovation. Each time we innovate, the improvement changes the sustainability equation and the flow-on effects are measurable.

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