Goal Setting

Goal setting

The Australian beef industry has been on the pathway of setting sustainability goals and targets. With the success of initiatives such as CN30, the industry has the opportunity to implement sustainable development which ensures the ongoing prosperity of the industry. Extensive work and consultation has been undertaken to develop goals and targets which will drive continuous improvement in the industry, and demonstrate our sustainability aspirations to our customers.

An online survey is now open to gather your feedback on the drafted goals and targets. You can provide comment on as many as you wish. If you wish to provide comment on all five goals, the estimated time to complete will be 20 minutes.

To access the survey, click HERE.

The survey will close on April 5.

Setting sustainability goals is a natural progressionof the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework (ABSF) make the beef industry’s ambitions more transparent.

The Sustainability Steering Group (SSG), under the direction of the Red Meat Advisory Council (RMAC), is exploring the prospect of goals for the Framework to better meet consumer and community expectations, protect access to capital and markets, and provide clearer guidance to the industry on where to invest its efforts for continuous improvement.

A governance approach has been developed and will be underpinned by the Framework’s overall governance approach. In 2021 the SSG will look to engage technical experts and consult widely with industry and external stakeholders to develop sustainability goals that can support al improvement.

The SSG has designed five guiding principles for goal development. These principles have been confirmed by the Consultative Committee and RMAC and will serve the foundation for goal development activities.