Consultative Committee

Consultative Committee

The Consultative Committee serves as a reference group for the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework (ABSF) with forums held twice a year to share information, identify emerging issues and opportunities, and obtain valuable input and feedback from stakeholders. 

The Committee includes Australian and overseas retailers, banks, investors, environment and welfare non-government organisations, agribusinesses, researchers, government, policy organisations and industry groups. 

The Consultative Committee meets to:

  • Share information about emerging trends, issues and opportunities for sustainable food production
  • Identify emerging issues and opportunities for industry
  • Confirm the priority areas of sustainable beef production for reporting progress to stakeholders and the wider community
  • Enable the SSG (and therefore, industry) to better anticipate emerging focus areas for customers and other stakeholders
  • Provide the SSG with more information to better implement the ABSF

The establishment of the Consultative Committee recognises those within and outside of the industry must work together for the ABSF to be valuable, relevant, and robust. The commitment made to the Consultative Committee is that all views are listened to and considered, with clear reporting of why or why not suggestions were actioned.