The ABSF is an initiative of the Red Meat Advisory Council (RMAC). RMAC appoints the Sustainability Steering Group (SSG) an independent grassroots group representative of the beef value chain to progress the Framework on industry’s behalf. Red Meat 2030 is the 10-year strategic plan for Australia’s red meat and livestock businesses and provides a shared vision and direction for our industry.

Red Meat 2030 sets a clear path for industry and the Framework represents a significant part of industry’s role in providing protein in a sustainable way and to meeting our ambition to become world leaders in environmental and animal welfare practices.

The ABSF and its ongoing development has been informed by globally accepted standards that require the demonstrable application of principles including materiality, stakeholder inclusivity and responsiveness. These standards include the GRI Standards 2016 and the AA1000 Standard Series. These standards give the Framework rigour and integrity and help support industry’s commitment to continuous improvement and protection of its social licence.



The Framework is underpinned by five guiding principles – relevancy, inclusivity, credibility, practicality, and transparency. These principles guide the Sustainability Steering Committee’s decisions around implementation, engagement, and reporting.