ABSF seeks producer input on beef sustainability

ABSF seeks producer input on beef sustainability

October 26 2020

GRASSROOTS beef producers are being encouraged to have their say on the big issues facing the Australian beef industry through a series of upcoming online forums and an online survey.

Through these channels, producers can share what they think are the biggest concerns for the long-term viability and prosperity of their industry.

These activities will help inform updates to the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework – the industry initiative to define and report on how the industry cares for people, business, livestock and the environment.

Chair of the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework, NSW lotfeeder Tess Herbert, says producer engagement in the survey is essential.

“No one knows the beef industry better than those at the heart of it: producers. That’s why we’re seeking their input on which issues they think are the greatest risk to the industry thriving,” Ms Herbert said.

The Australian Beef Sustainability Framework was established by the Red Meat Advisory Council, with support from Meat & Livestock Australia, to ensure the beef industry remains in the driver’s seat.

The producer survey and online forums are part of the first major review of the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework since it was launched in 2017. The Framework team is also interviewing major retailers and other customers, exporters, bankers and others who have an interest in the industry.

“We need to know what issues producers think are most important, but must also ensure we understand and meet the expectations of other groups who have a stake in the Australian beef industry,” Ms Herbert said.

Producers can also learn more about the Framework and the major review underway in a series of online forums next month.

“With COVID-19, we can’t meet in person to discuss these issues, but hosting the forums online means we aren’t confined to one location and can welcome many more beef producers from right across Australia to have their say,” Ms Herbert said.