Behind Australia's carbon neutral brand

Behind Australia's carbon neutral brand


Theme: Environmental stewardship

Priority: Manage climate change risk

Business: NAPCo


  • One of Australia's largest and oldest cattle producers has launched one of Australia's first carbon neutral brands.
  • The North Australian Pastoral Company (NAPCo) engaged MLA through the CoMarketing Program to access consumer insights.
  • NAPCo went through a 12-month Australian Government accreditation process to be officially accredited as carbon neutral.

One of Australia’s largest and oldest cattle producers has drawn on MLA consumer insights to launch one of the country’s first carbon neutral brands.

Five Founders is a branded beef product from the North Australian Pastoral Company (NAPCo), which manages approximately 200,000 head of cattle across Queensland and the NT.

All Five Founders cattle are produced from NAPCo-born and bred cattle, allowing the company to offer a ‘whole-of-life’ advantage to ensure full traceability within their supply chain.

Expanding market opportunities

Five Founders will be sold in NAPCo’s current markets – Australia, China and Singapore – before a staged expansion to other markets.

NAPCo engaged MLA through the CoMarketing Program to collaborate on domestic and export insights into trends in branded beef, markets and consumption.

NAPCo General Manager of Sales James Carson said partnering with MLA’s CoMarketing Program allowed the company to launch Five Founders in the domestic market while simultaneously prioritising international markets.

“This meant we could optimise the whole-of-carcase supply chain, extending distribution and brand awareness further in year one,” he said.

He said MLA’s regular market and consumer insights were an important part of the research phase of brand development.

“As the insights are updated on a regular basis it was very important to have access to the latest data to understand overseas consumer and market trends, buying patters and associated risks within various markets,” James said.

MLA and NAPCo also joined forces to create a ‘train-the-trainer’ program in China, to equip NAPCo’s Chinese customers with the skills to sell Australia red meat to consumers.

MLA Market Intelligence Manager Scott Tolmie said the work with NAPCo is an example of how MLA provides insights to producers and processors to help them better understand their consumers and markets.

“MLA gathers a broad range of intelligence to provide data and insights relating to the attractiveness of various markets for the vast variety of Australian products,” he said.

“MLA also conducts research around the world to better understand the consumer journey from planning to plate, and how Australia can meet consumer needs at all points along that journey.”

Carbon neutral

NAPCo went through a 12-month Australian Government accreditation process to be able to provide consumers with a unique beef product, and has been officially accredited as carbon neutral.

An independent national carbon and energy management company calculates NAPCo’s chain-of-production carbon footprint from paddock to plate, then NAPCo purchases carbon credits approved by the Australian Federal Government to offset this.

NAPCo Chief Executive Officer Phil Cummins said the decision to pursue carbon neutrality was to meet the desires of the modern consumer

“People increasingly want produce that not only delivers the highest-quality eating experience but respects their affinity for environmental and animal care,” he said.

The branded program has added value to activities NAPCo has been engaged in for 140 years, including owning cattle from birth to processing, taking great care and pride in raising cattle, and being responsible stewards of their land, people and communities.

'Behind Australia's carbon neutral brand' first appeared as one of three case studies published by Meat & Livestock Australia as part of red meat's CN30 plan.