Digital Data Dashboard

Digital Data Dashboard

The digital data dashboard showcases current and historical data across the four themes of the ABSF.

Below each theme are the priority areas that the ABSF reports against. There are multiple pages of information for each priority area. You can navigate through the pages by using the left and right arrows. You can come back to the landing page by using the Home button. You can also navigate through the dashboard by using the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the graphs.

Each indicator’s historical data has been analysed to determine if it is significantly trending between 2017 and the most recently available data. A 75% confidence interval has been applied to determine if there is an improvement or decline, or if the data has remained steady.

imagedkyb.png     =  Improvement, or maximum limit reached

image50vd.png     =  Steady

imageoxczr.png     =  Decline

N/A  =  Data is unable to be trended, or is a new indicator


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