Framework history

Framework history

January 2021

  • The Materiality Review process is finalised and recommendations on new priorities are made to RMAC.

August 2020

  • The Consultative Committee is held over 5 webinars, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

June 2020

  • The third Annual Update is released

June 2019

  • The second Annual Update is released
  • The second Annual Update (2019) was released, reporting on progress for the first time since the first Annual Update was released in 2018.

May 2018

  • The inaugural Annual Update is released

February 2018

  • Expert panel on balance of tree and grass cover established
  • An expert panel for the key priority area balance of tree and grass cover will provide evidence-based advice on what indicators industry should use to measure its sustainability performance in this area.

February 2018

  • Second Consultative Committee Forum The Consultative Committee met for the second time. There, an expert panel for the balance of tree and grass cover priority area was announced. An initial stocktake of industry activity related to the Framework was also presented.

September 2017

  • Six key priority areas chosen
  • Six key priority areas were selected for focus. Five of these were proposed by the Consultative Committee, with the sixth selected by the Sustainability Steering Group. 

August 2017

  • First Consultative Committee Forum The Consultative Committee was formed to continue the discussion between those within the beef industry and those outside of it.

June 2017

  • Second Sustainability Steering Group formed Red Meat Advisory Council appoints the second Sustainability Steering Group to drive the implementation of the Framework.

January → February 2017

  • Public consultation The views of the public were sought during a phase of public consultation.

September → October 2016

  • External stakeholder engagement The views of stakeholders from outside the beef industry, including special interest groups were sought. 

April 2016

  • Industry stakeholder engagement The views of industry stakeholders were sought. 

April → June 2016

  • Review of key issues an indicators A review of key issues, indicators with producers, lot-feeders, processors and live exporters is undertaken. 

January 2016

  • Sustainability Steering Group formed Red Meat Advisory Council appoints a Sustainability Steering Group to lead the development of the first Sustainability Framework.

January 2015

  • Social Licence Review Multi-stakeholder project undertaken by Social Licence company Futureye to assess social licence risks to industry.

January → December 2015

  • Data availability assessed Deloitte appointed to review what data exists to enable industry to report against draft priority areas.

January → December 2014

  • Technical Review An industry technical group priority areas based on perceived importance to the industry and stakeholders.

January → December 2011

  • Materiality Review AA1000 5 Part Materiality Process to identify all the potential issues for the beef industry, undertaken by Net Balance/EY.